Meet characters based from Filipino nature and arts!

Travel through areas inspired by major Filipino culture!





Overcome dangerous obstacles and terrain and make your way back up the Narra tree!

We are a collective of Filipino creators seeking to empower local talent through games and multimedia.

Our Projects

A Story-Driven Adventure Game retelling the events leading to
the Spanish colonization
of the Philippines.

Project delayed indefinitely.

A Filipino Street Food Vendor Tycoon Game that places the player in the role of managing a Filipino street community as its members erect street food stalls to earn money!

Project in progress.


Viridescent is an idle game where you meet and take care of various Florae. Gain and sell flowers for money to improve your garden and meet the finest Florae in the world of Viridescent.

Project in progress.

Alfredo Basurero is here to collect trash and kill zombies, and he’s all out of zombies. Clean the neighborhood of garbage and zombies (but mostly garbage) in this post-apocalyptic world.

Project in progress.


As the Stone Golem, guide the newly hatched Phoenix back to the top of the mountain! Utilizing your musical abilities, solve puzzles together as you venture through the Old Woods to return her to safety!

Project was submitted for a Game Jam.